Marla Joy

Anyone who has had the opportunity to hear Marla Joy sing live has agreed, her vocals are the likes of which haven’t been heard in decades and she sings from a place that seems well beyond her years. The child of an unconventional upbringing, Marla found herself on her own for the first time at the early age of 14. “While kids my age were thinking about what to wear to school, I was worried about where I was gonna sleep”

This early exposure to the heavy realities of life are what Marla ironically has to thank for her introduction to the great artists that have influenced and guided her to where she gratefully is today. “I turned to music, not popular music at the time. I would listen to Aretha, Marvin, Stevie, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Stones, Zeppelin. I felt it was the only thing that I could really connect to. The songs are undeniable, but it was the honesty, the emotion that they’d tell the story with. I could relate to the words…the feelings….everything…it was the raw soul.” Being a classically trained pianist at the early age of four, and with her natural gift of a voice, Marla knew from before she could remember she was an artist, a performer, a singer and a storyteller. Doing theatre in her younger years, agents were quick to offer their assistance, but it wasn’t until Marla found her true calling that things started to take shape. “I knew I loved to sing, loved music, loved connecting with an audience….but I needed to tell my stories sing my songs.”

The record industry started to take notice as Marla began performing around the city.
Marla has shared stages with the likes of: K.C and The Sunshine Band, The Temptations, Cassandra Wilson, and many more. She was asked to perform to a sold out crowd at the Historical Massey Hall, backed by The Canada Pops Orchestra. Marla was invited to headline the Sick Kids Celebrity Gala, The Make A Wish Foundation Gala, and asked to open for the queen of hip-hop soul, Mary J Blige, at Matt Damon’s OnexOne Gala.

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